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Protest Efforts and the Vietnam War: Home

Historical information on protests during the Vietnam War

Our Goals and What We Have to Offer

The United State’s continued involvement in Vietnam was met with sustained national protests. The goal of this resource is to provide resources pertaining to the U.S anti-war movement. Anti-war activists were not monolithic, ranging from college students to business executives to veterans. Some protesters took to the streets — some even did so violently — while others opposing the war were more inclined to criticize the war to members in the political arena.  This resource should be able to be used effectively by not only those interested in political activism, but also by students for research in modern U.S history. Hopefully this site will allow users to form impressions about the relative efficiency of differing protest strategies. In addition to the sources that are directly available in full text from this site, we also provide suggestions for further reading and links to databases that may be of use.

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Vietnam Protesters

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Protesters of the war in Vietnam were motivated not only because they felt United States soldiers should be brought home, but also because they believed that the decision of how Vietnam should be governed should be made by the Vietnamese themselves.

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