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Literacy Suffolk ELL & Tutor Resource Guide: Introduction

Language learning materials, resources & cultural stewardship support for Literacy Suffolk Tutors and English Language Learners.

Scope note

This LibGuide will collect and present english language learning resources, including language learning materials, teaching support, and cultural stewardship ideas to Literacy Suffolk’s Tutors and English Language Learners (ELLs).

MSLIS Student

Categories and Contents

Language Learning Resources (for students and tutors): Sources for English language learning materials, such as worksheets, lesson plans, grammar and vocabulary exercises, english language experience ideas, materials for students to practice at home, videos, applications, etc. which are free or low-cost. Curated and up-to-date selections of youtube channels and websites with a sizable portion of free english-language learning material.


"On Teaching" (tutor support): Reading materials and online resources regarding instructional methods and skills, specifically as they apply Language Acquisition and teaching English


"Daily Life"Websites or apps that may help with daily life in America, such as Psychology Today, ZocDoc, or Consumer Affairs. Resources will be listed with brief and easy to understand abstracts.


Long Island and NY State Programs: Sources pertaining to higher-education courses, libraries offering English classes, practice tests for language standards (TOEFL), and other government resources.  



Introduction to Literacy Suffolk

Literacy Suffolk Logo from their Website


"Our Mission Statement:

Literacy Suffolk, Inc. effects countywide change by improving individual literacy and adult literacy skills through the valuable use of trained volunteers, by expanding community awareness and by providing literacy to all adults, especially those of low to moderate incomes who are underserved and limited in their abilities to advance themselves and their families, and to allow them to contribute and partake in the fruits of our society."


"Our Vision Statement:

We believe that the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively is critical to personal freedom, economic betterment, and the maintenance of a democratic society."



Mission and Vision Statements from


Statement of Purpose

Literacy Suffolk is an organization that provides resources and tutoring services to English Language Learners and Basic Language Learners, free of charge. This LibGuide will focus on the needs of English Language Learners, or ELLs, and the needs of the volunteer tutors. After Literacy Suffolk matches students with a tutor, the tutor will meet with the student, asses the students personal goals, and create a plan to help the student with their particular language challenges. This plan will vary, and is dependent on the time a tutor can dedicate to preparation, as well as on the tutors past experience with teaching. The goal of the tutor is to help their student communicate effectively and comprehensively, as well as to give their student increased agency in navigating the American cultural landscape.


Search engine queries on topics like “Language Acquisition,” “English Language Learning,” or “teaching english grammar” can return hundreds of results. This guide attempts to do some preliminary research and weeding of search results, and will center a number of resources offered through the Suffolk and Nassau County Library Systems, and NYPL.

The guide is organized for the tutor and learner to navigate together or to use independently. A general overview of sections can be seen to the left in the "Categories and Contents" box.


My intention is to share this resource with Literacy Suffolk, to enable multiple editors, and to allow contributions from other tutors and ELLs. The LibGuide does not attempt to be exhaustive of all resources. I hope that materials found in this LibGuide will spark conversation and engagement.