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Film and Media Preservation: A Beginner's LibGuide: Proposed Resources

Resource for beginning specialists managing collections of moving image materials for libraries, archives, museums and more.

Proposed Resources

  • Proposal #1: Video Preservation Guide
    There is a document by the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) called “Videotape Preservation Face Sheets” available online as a PDF. (See home page: Featured Online Resources.") This document discusses many aspects of the history of magnetic tape, terms and a glossary, selected bibliography. Unfortunately, the PDF page which I accessed from someone’s syllabus at Pratt is no longer directly connected to the AMIA website as it is currently structured. A proposed resource to directly meet user group’s needs would be such information of magnetic tape preservation in the form of a handbook. Ideally produced be an entity with knowledge and authority on the subject, such as AMIA.
  • Proposal #2: Improved Online Dictionary for Information Sciences
    ABC-CLIO’s Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science was included as one of my information resources (see: Dictionaries), as it was the most prominent dictionary found in Google search results and encompassing topic entries relevant my users’ needs. However, I propose an improved online dictionary based on the stronger features from the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. A better scope could outline what types of professionals would be suitable audiences. Currency should be noted as the field is constantly changing. The entries should be more consistent of the amount of information offered, and if an entry must be sourced from elsewhere, have it be from a stronger authority than Wikipedia. Entries should be searched through a search box and additionally arranged alphabetically by subject headings, including one relevant for film and media preservation
  • Proposal #3: Handbook for Digitizing Film Sources
    Similar to the first proposal, I propose a handbook that specifically goes through the practice of making available digital copies of film transfers. Such audiences may include the creation of DVD material as long as accessible players are still in production, or creating streaming media, as well as material to be viewed publicly by the Internet and internally through servers on an Intranet. It would be beneficial to include other information sources such as a glossary of terms, and a bibliography of relevant articles, and similar to MPE, sourcing for direct digitization from film sources. If this was to exist on print or online, ideally its currency would show it being frequently updated as the nature of media preservation changes.