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Film and Media Preservation: A Beginner's LibGuide: Home

Resource for beginning specialists managing collections of moving image materials for libraries, archives, museums and more.


Continuum of activities necessary to protect film for the future and share its content with the public.

- National Film Preservation Foundation

Why Preserve?

"Preservationists fight film deterioration by protecting the film originals and sharing the content with the public through copies. This involves three basic steps:

  • printing old film onto new, more stable film stock,
  • storing the original film and new master under cool-and-dry conditions, and
  • providing public access through surrogate video, DVD, and film copies."

- National Film Preservation Foundation

About this guide

Welcome to “Film and Media Preservation.” If you’re beginning in a role regularly in contact with moving image media and sound recordings in a library or similar information center (eg. museums, academic libraries or special collections) or if you’re a graduate student in library and information science, this LibGuide serves as your reference tool.

As a “one-stop shop,” this centralized guide is organized primarily by type of bibliographic resource, such as books, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The resource information covers a range of cross-disciplinary topics, including the various formats of analog and digital media documenting culture and history, their physical components, and preservation issues for memories to survive and be accessible.

As technology is always changing, this LibGuide is a work in progress. Feel free to contact me with additional resources.

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