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Feeding New York: Home

A food resource guide for the hungry in New York City & State.

About Feeding New York

Food insecurity and food inequity are global health concerns. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, only “88.9 percent (114.9 million) of U.S. households were food secure throughout 2018.” The remaining 11.1 percent of Americans faced moderate to low food insecurity throughout 2018, with “households with children headed by a single woman, women living alone and men living alone, and Black, non-Hispanic households,” being the top three groups affected.


According to 2018 study by Hunger Free America, 12.8% of the population, or 1,090,936 people, are living in food insecure households in New York City alone. The Bronx, according to the study, “remains New York City’s hungriest borough in terms of prevalence, with 26.3% of residents (290,469 people) living in food insecure households,” while Brooklyn contained the “highest number of individuals living in food insecure households, reaching 368,799 people in the 2015-17 time period.”


Access to food is a basic human right, and through this guide, we aim to provide insight about food inequity in New York, resources to assist those in need, and information on the organizations that are helping to reduce those numbers.

Emergency Food Relief Information

For Immediate Help:

Emergency Food Hotline at 866-888-8777 or 311.


New York City Food Assistance Guide

Unsure of which relief organization to contact? This list can help.

Helpful Definitions

What is food insecurity?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.


What is a food bank?

A usually non-profit organization that collects donated food and distributes it to people in need


What is a food pantry?

An individual site that distributes bags or boxes of food directly to those in need who reside in a specified area. A food pantry is a member agency of, and obtains food from, a food bank.


What are food deserts?

Food deserts are areas where people have limited access to a variety of healthy and affordable food.

Food Insecurity In New York

Types of Food Insecurity