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Restorative Justice Resources for Teachers in NYC

A collection of resources for NYC schoolteachers looking to learn about and implement Restorative Justice practices in their classrooms.

Resources For Teachers

Each of these guides are free to access and download — simply click each title to view them.


Chicago Public Schools Restorative Practices Guide and Toolkit 

A collection of tools and resources for school staff, administrators, and community partners looking to develop restorative school communities.


Office of Social and Emotional Learning, Chicago Public Schools. (2017 August 1). Restorative Practices Guide and Toolkit [Web blog post]. Retrieved from


Fix School Discipline Toolkit For Educators 

A resource intended to help schoolteachers and administrators identify alternative disciplinary measures encouraging accountability and school safety.


Fix School Discipline (2017, December 1). Toolkit For Educators. Retrieved from


Implementation Guides for Restorative Practices by Restorative Solutions, Inc. 

A directory of restorative practice implementation guides published by various school systems, education agencies, educators, and non-profit organizations. This directory contains most of the guides included on this page, in addition to many others. 


Restorative Solutions, Inc. (n.d.). Implementation Guides for Restorative Practices in Schools. Retrieved from


Oakland Unified School District Restorative Justice Implement Guide 

A digital guide providing "stepping stones" containing restorative justice principles, implementation tips, reflections, and hands-on activities. 


Oakland Unified School District. (2019 March). Restorative Justice Implementation Guide: A Whole School Approach. Retrieved from


San Francisco Unified School District Restorative Practices Whole-School Implementation Guide

A guide produced by San Francisco Unified School District offering step-by-step approaches for the successful and sustainable implementation of restorative practices in schools. 


San Francisco Unified School District. (2012). Restorative Practices Whole-School Implementation Guide. Retrieved from


Infographic: Restorative vs. Retributive Justice

The below infographic is sourced from the Oakland Unified School District's Whole School RJ Implementation Guide, published in March 2019. 

How can schools implement RJ?

Oakland Unified School District. (2019 March). Restorative Justice Implementation Guide: A Whole School Approach. Retrieved from