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Restorative Justice Resources for Teachers in NYC

A collection of resources for NYC schoolteachers looking to learn about and implement Restorative Justice practices in their classrooms.

Navigating this page

This page is divided into local, national, and international organizations involved in the promotion of restorative practices. Please note that clicking organization names and hyperlinked text links you to additional resources.

Local Organizations with Restorative Justice Resources

Restorative Justice Initiative

A city-wide network of restorative justice practitioners and advocates, the Restorative Justice Initiative (RJI) offers a range of resources including webinars, research, reports, books, media, and directories of academic degrees, certificate programs, law schools, and job postings related to restorative justice. RJI also provides an expansive directory of programs, institutions, and schools currently promoting restorative practices throughout New York City.


Restorative Practice NYC 

A dynamic organization providing training in restorative justice processes to local school systems and community groups. Restorative Practice NYC offers training sessions related to facilitating restorative circles, and helps participants integrate restorative practices with equity-based, culturally responsible, and racial justice-oriented frameworks. Among other offerings, Restorative Practice NYC hosts an Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools program designed to introduce K-12 teachers, administrators, and staff to foundational restorative justice concepts and techniques. 

National Organizations with Restorative Justice Resources

Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University (MA)

An educational center established in 1997 to promote restorative justice policies and practices, the Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University  provides trainings and professional development opportunities to school systems and communities looking to adopt restorative practices. Their Restorative Justice for Schools page offers restorative justice-informed curricula and disciplinary measures,  as well as resources on relationship building and fostering productive dialogue in classrooms. 


National Association of Community and Restorative Justice 

A membership-based organization which hosts a biennial rotating national conference, NACRJ provides members and practitioners with a wide variety of resources, trainings, and policies related to restorative justice implementation. NACRJ also provides national directories of schools, coalitions, programs, and resource centers involved in restorative justice.


Pathways to Restorative Communities (MA)

A non-profit offering workshops, school system trainings, coaching, and circle facilitation to teachers and administrators looking to adopt restorative practices. Pathways to Restorative Communities also offers a robust resources page containing videos, articles, websites, and books, and has published a free, downloadable guide to implementing restorative practices in school environments. 


The Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice at Eastern Mennonite University (VA)

A non-profit organization offering restorative justice-related web resources, publications, trainings, events, webinars, and networking opportunities. The Zehr Institute is part of Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, which offers professional and educational workshops and trainings on trauma-informed leadership and classroom circle processes. 

International Organizations with Restorative Justice Resources

International Institute for Restorative Practices (PA)

An international graduate school offering graduate certificates, master's degrees, and continuing education opportunities in restorative practices. IIRP also offers a number of free webinars on promoting restorative practices among youth and in school settings.