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Restorative Justice Resources for Teachers in NYC

A collection of resources for NYC schoolteachers looking to learn about and implement Restorative Justice practices in their classrooms.

Books on Restorative Justice

Books available through New York Public Library

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Handbook of Restorative Justice in Education

Evans, K., & Vaandering, D. (2016). The little book of restorative justice in education: Fostering responsibility, healing, and hope in school. New York: Good Books. 

This book provides an extensive introduction to the history, theory, and practice of implementing restorative justice principles in educational settings. Based on the authors' experience as educators and researchers, as well as the broader history of RJ, the book focuses on "creating just and equitable learning environments," among other goals




Restorative Justice: Theoretical Foundations

Weitekamp, E. G. M., & Kerner, H.-J. (2011). Restorative justice: Theoretical foundations. Cullompton: Willan Pub.

Though somewhat dated, as the book was compiled from papers delivered at a conference in 2000 on restorative justice for youth, this book includes contributions from many important figures in the field, including Howard Zehr, Daniel W. Van Ness, and Chris Cunneen. The book features three essays on restorative justice for youth, written by Gordon Basemore, Colleen McLeod, Mara Schiff, and Robert E. McKay. 




Restorative Justice for Juveniles

 Morris, A., & Maxwell, G. M. (2003). Restorative justice for juveniles: Conferencing, mediation and circles. Oxford: Hart.

This book offers an international perspective on restorative justice theory and practice for youth populations. Though many accounts are specific to their locations (e.g. New Zealand and South Africa) there are theoretical discussions pertinent to U.S. settings, and U.S.-based studies. A well-rounded collection focusing on the three most common formats of restorative justice practice: conferencing, victim-offender mediation, and circles. 



Handbook of Restorative Justice

Johnstone, G., & Van, N. D. W. (2011). Handbook of restorative justice. London: Routledge.

From the Routledge "Handbook" series, this authoritative volume surveys key principles in restorative justice, charting the variety of restorative justice concepts and practices from their inception to more recent developments. With in-depth theoretical discussions touching on the origins of concepts of justice in the Bible and the meaning of reparation, the book also includes a chapter devoted to restorative justice in schools.