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Post-Graduate Travel

How to travel smartly, safely, ethically, and independently after college.

Currency Exchange

Countries around the world use different currencies. The value of one currency for another can be converted by an exchange rate. The exchange rate tells you the price of buying another country's currency. 

Before planning an international trip, it is important to consider the exchange rate for the country you are visiting, and plan how and when you want to exchange your money. 

Below are some resources for tips and things to know about currency exchange before planning your trip:

Traveling with Credit Cards

It is good practice to notify your credit card issuer before you travel internationally. This is called a travel alert, travel notice, or travel notification.

Some travelers experience issues using their credit cards or taking out money when traveling abroad. These issues often stem from precautionary measures by the credit card company for fraud and safety purposes. Before traveling, you can notify your credit card companies that you plan to travel to avoid such issues. When setting up a travel notice, it is often necessary to provide information about the countries planned and the duration of the trip.

Below are some resources for tips and things to know about how and why to set up travel notices with credit card issuers:

Unexpected Fees

Traveling can be costly and unexpected travel fees can come up and add up!

Here are some hidden or unexpected travel fees that travelers may encounter or should budget for: