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Post-Graduate Travel

How to travel smartly, safely, ethically, and independently after college.


The following readings look at practicing self-care when traveling:

  • How to Practice Self-Care When You're Traveling by Amanda Chatel, August 30, 2018, Bustle
    In this article, Chatel contemplates the United States' relationship with work and leisure. Chatel suggests that the best way to take advantage of time off is to practice self-care while traveling, and provides eight ways to do so.

  • The Ultimate Self-Care Travel Checklist by Carley Schweet, December 6, 2018, CarleySchweet
    In her eponymous blog, Carley Schweet discusses self-care and personal health when traveling. Before going into a check-list of physical and nonphysical forms of self-care, Schweet discusses the concept of self-care and why it is important when on the road.

  • 5 Tips to Prioritise Self-Care Whilst Travelling by Felicia Martinsson, February 2019, Six-Two
    In this post, Felicia Martinsson discusses five useful tips for staying, "relaxed, healthy and in control" when traveling.


The following readings look at practicing self-awareness when traveling:

  • The Best Way to Travel: First Be Self-Aware by Caroline DePalatis, April 13, 2018, Future Travel
    In her article, Depalatis discusses the importance of both self-care and self-awareness when traveling abroad. She urges readers to consider the inward journey they experience, but also how travelers can be more informed and sensitive travelers. 
  • How to be Respectful of Other Cultures While Traveling by Rebecca Murphy, August 16, 2017, The Abroad Guide
    In this article, Murphy provides tips on how to be a sensitive and respectful traveler abroad. Murphy discusses the balance of showing respect to one's host country without "walking on eggshells", and what it means to be a representative of your home country while abroad.
  • How to Be a Respectful Tourist Anywhere in the World by Hipmunk, July 26, 2015, Hipmunk
    Here, the staff at Hipmunk discuss the sometimes destructive nature of travel and provide tips on how to be a respectful tourist. According to the article, "the future of tourism lies with the choices we all make as individual travelers."