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Using Narrative Film in the University Classroom: Starting a Discussion

"I'm not a film major! I don't know how to talk about film."

When assigning film in a non-film studies class, it can be useful to provide students with some templates for how to talk about film. Assigning a relevant reading can be useful to this end. Building a vocabulary to use when discussing movies helps spur fruitful discussion and may lessen students' anxiety about speaking up in class.

AMC Filmsite: Film Terms Glossary

Film & Television Literature Index

Print Resources

Selected readings from these introductory-level, widely used film-studies books might give students a good baseline to work with when starting to analyze film in a non-film studies class.

Popular Film Criticism

Instructors might want to consider assigning reading from a less academic source. Popular film criticism can provide a nice example for students of how to talk about movies. Consider reviews or analysis pieces from the following sources.