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Visual Arts Education in New York City Public Schools: Home


Hello, welcome to my LibGuide.

I created this LibGuide because I believe the arts deeply enriched my own experience in New York City public schools. In my elementary school, the visual art program was in large part funded and facilitated by parents, through an organization called Arts in Action. It should be noted that my elementary school, P.S.87, is in District 3 on the Upper West Side, and the parent body is predominantly white and middle class. A close friend of mine now works for Studio in a School, a nonprofit that places artists in Title 1 public schools. I have heard firsthand the responses her students have had to her lessons plans, and the growth she has watched. While it is wonderful that initiatives such as Studio in a School exist, the program is only in a limited number of schools.

Lastly, I have included a page of lesson plans, and lesson plans resources.