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New York Textile Resources: Workshops

This guide provides information about New York City-based resources for textile and fiber artists and researchers.


The above map provides a loose sketch of where in the city these resources are located. Please note that both Brooklyn Brainery and The Textile Arts Center have two locations; only their main locations are shown here. 

Recommended Reading

Workshops - Introduction

The below resources provide information about spaces within New York that offer classes and workshops related to textile and fiber arts. They represent a range of techniques, formats, and experience levels and will hopefully prove useful to textile and fiber artists looking to expand or enrich their practices. This list is far from complete and was chosen somewhat capriciously with a goal of providing a representative sample. If there is a space you think should definitely be added, please be in touch. It should also be noted that the cost ranges and course offerings detailed are accurate as of May 2019. As many of these spaces frequently expand or restructure their offerings, the below information should be regarded as a jumping off point rather than an archival authority. Finally, to provide at-a-glance information about the types of classes offered at each space, the icons detailed below have been used; as ever in the world of textile and fiber arts, the distinctions between these activities are often wooly and imprecise.

Key to the Icons

weaving icon dyeing icon embroidery icon mending icon sewing icon spinning icon




mending sewing spinning


Brooklyn Brainery | icon of a woven lines          | $35-50

Far from exclusive to textiles, the Brooklyn Brainery hosts "casual classes for curious adults about all sorts of things: from physics to Australian desserts, from HTML to shorthand and just about every nook and cranny in between." Within that spread, however, are a consistent range of introductory-level textile and fiber classes. Most are single sessions.


Loop of the Loomicon of a woven lines   spinning icon  | $60-400

As the name might suggest, Loop of the Loom offers a range of weaving classes. They specialize in SAORI, a hand weaving method from Japan, but also offer classes in felting and spinning. The courses range in number of sessions from one to a dozen. 


Make Workshopweaving icon   dyeing icon   embroidery icon   mending icon   sewing icon  | $65-575

Make Workshop offers a wide range of craft classes, most but not all of which fall under the label of textile and fiber arts. While most of their classes are single sessions, their offerings have included weekend intensives as well. 


The Makery embroidery icon   sewing icon  | $70-345

A distinct diversion from the rest of this list, The Makery is a technology-driven makerspace. Their textile-related offerings deal primarily with creating "wearables" - garments or accessories with integrated circuitry or LEDs. While most of their classes are one-offs, they have offered a few multi-session classes. 


Soul Collection's Sewing Loungesewing icon  | $10-390

Focused almost exclusively on machine sewing and related skills, Soul Collection broadens its scope through outreach to children, teens, and men. Most of their classes are 4-5 sessions, but they have longer form offerings in the form of day and summer camps. They also host a sewing lab, in which sewing machines can be rented by the hour. 


Tailor Made Shopweaving icon   embroidery icon   sewing icon  | $10-60

As a store, Tailor Made specializes in lingerie making supplies. This emphasis is reflected in their classes, although they also teach macrame and embroidery and host a monthly craft meet-up. Most of their classes are one-offs or weekend intensives. 


Tatterweaving icon   dyeing icon   embroidery icon   mending icon   sewing icon  | $90-275

Tatter's course offerings exist in dialogue with the space's library, often emphasizing regionally specific or historical embroidery and needlework styles, as well as contemporary takes on traditional techniques. While accessible to all levels, the specificity often pulls a more experienced audience. Classes range from one to three sessions.  


Textile Arts Centerweaving icon   dyeing icon   embroidery icon  sewing icon   spinning icon  | $85-600

Drawing a somewhat wider circle around textiles than is used throughout this guide, the Textile Arts Center offers a comprehensive range of classes in a wide range of techniques and formats. The classes range in length from three hour "afterworkshops" to five session intensives. 


Weaving Handweaving icon  dyeing icon | $80-450

While geared entirely towards weaving, Weaving Hand adds to its range of classes through exploring a host of different cultural traditions. While most of the classes are a single session, they vary widely in duration. 


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