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A Guide to Cycling N.Y.C: NYC Cycling Community / Events

N.Y.C Cycling Community/ Events

      N.Y.C Cycling Community / Events 


You may have some cycling experience and even know how to fix a flat before you come here, but it never hurts to get a little extra education. Bike New York, the organization that runs the annual Five Boro Bike Tour, hosts group tours and free classes for adults that teach everything from basic maintenance to how to commute without becoming a sweaty swamp monster. If you’re a woman, female-identifying, or gender non-conforming WE bike NYC is a good source for group rides, classes, and the occasional happy hour with other female/GNC cyclists. Elsewhere, your local bike shop and the environmental activism co-op TIME’S UP offer the chance to get hands-on experience fixing bikes, and the Social Cycling NYC Facebook group is a good spot to find friends for a group ride and solidarity among fellow two-wheeled types.

Get Involved

Stay aware and get involved while you can. Follow advocacy groups Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets and pick out some causes, organizers, and activists they boost. Make sure you vote for candidates who take street safety seriously. All these improvements to cycling in the city didn’t happen by accident, after all. And there’s always more work to be done.