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Literacy Suffolk ELL & Tutor Resource Guide: "On Teaching": Tutor Support

Language learning materials, resources & cultural stewardship support for Literacy Suffolk Tutors and English Language Learners.

Theory and Pedagogy in Second Language Acquisition

Center for Applied Linguistics and the Center for Adult English Language Acquisitions 


The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and the Center for Adult English Language Acquisitions (CAELA) are the authoritative sites for Applied Linguistics and English Language Acquisition in the United States and are administered and funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and Office of Vocational and Adult Education, respectively. The scope of the content on the sites are professional, scholarly, and research-oriented. CAL and CAELA provide extensive resources for continuing education for members of organizations like Literacy Suffolk, especially those leading and developing the program. Two specific pages on these sites I would like to address are the Adult ESL Resource Database and the Adult ESL Resources, specifically CAELA Digests and Q&As.


The Adult ESL Resource Database contains 293 annotated references to a teaching guides, books, research studies, scholarly articles, and other related documents. One unfortunate aspect of this resource in the inability to search the database by date.

On the resources page, CAELA staff provide a number of instructional materials for ESL instructors and assessors, formats range from PDFs, to books, and symposium proceedings, to CAELAs own professional Framework for practitioners. The CAELA Digests and Q&As page is separated into sub-areas, such as Program Design, Professional Development, Methods and Approaches, and Technology. The Digests are documents produced by CAL and the U.S. Department of Education which summarize information in the sub-areas mentioned above. 

Dissertations and Academic Papers

Second Language Acquisition on the Web