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Dutch Language and Literature


Welcome! to this LibGuide for Dutch language and literature! We hope it will be helpful in learning and researching Dutch no matter what your current aptitude — whether you are just starting to learn the language, have several years of experience, or are even native speaker.

The guide is divided into three sections which you can navigate to with the navigation tabs to the left. The first, Starting out with Dutch, includes general language learning resources, as well as some introductory sources for Dutch specifically, including general reference for the language.

The second section covers literature in the Dutch language, including varieties spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium, and non-European territories and nations. Sources here include both databases of literature itself as well as literary criticism.

Finally, the third section covers Dutch linguistics. As with the literature section, the scope of the sources included there includes all varieties of Dutch spoken throughout the globe and includes the full gamut of linguistics topics, including syntax, phonology and phonetics, dialectology, and pragmatics.

If you have any questions about this LibGuide or the sources included in it, please feel free to contact either of us through our profiles to the left.

NOTE: Many of the resources linked to from this guide may not have English-language versions. Those which do not have English-language support are noted with (NL) in the link description.

"Nijlânnermolen Workum" by Gouwenaar is in the Public Domain, CC0