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The Curious Teenager’s Guide to Islam: LGBTQIA

Introduction to Islam for NYC High School Students

Online Resources for and about LGBTQIA+ Muslims

Yes, it's possible to be queer and Muslim.

Below are resources exploring homosexuality and queerness through a Muslim and Islam lens for those exploring faith, gender and sexuality. These resources are to exhaustive and are not intended to dismiss the embedded homophobia present in all religious ideology. The same phrase can be said of "Yes, It's possible to be queer and Jewish", or "queer and Catholic". These resources however, try to pay attention to concerns and obstacles faced by non-white LGBTIA persons. Included and available online  are resources that range from academic to spiritual, and personal narratives from blogs and other forms of social medias. It is important to discuss and be aware of this topic in current politic climate because of the Muslim ban, and those seeking asylum and refuge are often of marginalized identities.

  • LGBTQI Lecture Series - This lecture series was created in partnership with Muslims for Progressive Values and Imam Daayiee Abdullah.  The goal of this video series is to "dismantle the religious justification for homophobia" in Muslim communities and draws on history do to so.  In addition to this, it includes talks on mental health and self-empowerment.
  • Islam and Homosexuality - A website built to discuss the issues regarding Islam and sexual and gender diversity.  This website provides positive perspectives from across the globe.  Articles and blog posts include titles such as "Queer Life in Indonesia", "Qur'an and Homosexuality", and "Queer Life in Islamic History".  
  • Human Rights Campaign's "Coming Home: To Islam and to Self" - A guide aimed at LGBTQ Muslim-Americans who are just coming out and coming into their sexual identities and how to reconcile it with their faith and traditions.  This guide offers insight and suggestions that are gathered from a wide variety of Muslim voices.
  • LGBT in Islam - A wikipedia entry that provides numerous links to additional outside resources related to homosexuality in general


Blair Imani

Samra Habib

Crisis Resources

Blogs and Articles


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Every Single Word, a video series that edits down popular films to only feature the words spoken by people of color, and has written, hosted, and/or produced Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People, Shutting Down Bullsh*t, the Unboxing series, and EXTREME(LY QUEER) Muslims. Dylan’s current project is the podcast Conversations with People Who Hate Me, where he engages in conversation with people who have left negative comments about him on the internet.

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