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The Curious Teenager’s Guide to Islam: Facts & Figures

Introduction to Islam for NYC High School Students

PEW Research Center

U.S. Muslims Concerned About Their Place in Society, but Continue to Believe in the American Dream

This article by the Pew Research center explores how life in America has changed for Muslims since Donald Trump's Presidency.  Unfortunately, it is a trying time in America, and many Muslims express their concern over their place in American society and culture.  This study shows that Muslims, though facing discrimination, are very proud to be American and are also concerned about Islam extremism.   A few charts and figures from the article are displayed below, but they can all be viewed here.


The PEW Research Center statistics on the The Most and Least Racially Diverse U.S. Religious Groups.  This chart and article demonstrates that while many religions are pretty homogenous (for example Lutherans are almost exclusively white), Islam is extremely diverse!  

Hate Crime Statistics

2016 FBI Hate Crime Statistics 

The FBI keeps a record of all reported hate crimes and makes that information available to the American public.  You can use these tables to research any hate crime whether it is based on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.  These statistics are disturbing but necessary to create visibility for oppressed and minority groups.  Crimes can be filtered by type, motivation, geographical area, and more.


Assaults Against Muslims in U.S. Surpass 2001 Level

While anti-Muslim assaults spiked after the events of September 11th in 2001, they petered down over the years.  However, beginning in 2015 assualts began to rise again, and in 2016 they have reached an all time high.  Even higher than they were in 2001.

Image Source:  Pew Research Center

PEW Research Stastics

Like Most Americans, U.S. Muslims Concerned About Extremism in the Name of Islam

Image Source: Pew Research Center

This article from the Pew Research Center discusses how Muslim Americans are just as concerned about extremism as non-Muslims.  In fact, Muslims are more likely than the general American public to think that targeting civilians for religious or political reasons can never be justified.  There are some differences, such as how the general public trusts the validity of anti-terror arrests, while Muslim Americans believe that while some are justified, many have been due to entrapment and profiling of innocent people.  

Image Source: Pew Research Center