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The Curious Teenager’s Guide to Islam: Breaking Stereotypes and Islamophobia

Introduction to Islam for NYC High School Students

Negative Stereotypes and the Truth

What is the Truth About American Muslims?
an FAQ Guide from

"What Is The Truth About American Muslims?" is a comprehensive guide created by the Interfaith Alliance and Religious Freedom Project of the First Amendment Center to answer frequently asked questions in regards to Islam and Muslim Americans.  In a time of turmoil and heightened tensions in regards to religious freedom, its incredibly important to educate yourself and understand your peers.  This guide seeks to provide accurate information for non-Muslims in order to decrease hate and promote mutual respect and understanding.  The guide is divided into a number of sections.  You can either click the title link above to go to the main page, or click one of the "chapters" below to learn more about a specific topic!

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Meet A Muslim

Debunking Stereotypes

Women Speak About Their Experiences