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Podcasting for College Students: Thinking Long-Term

A guide to resources, both online and in the NYC area, for creating and maintaining podcasts.

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Introduction—Thinking Long-Term

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Podcasts are reshaping media practices, so going forward, they need to incorporate several longevity strategies such as preservation, financial planning and licensing literacy as fundamental production steps. Podcasts face specific challenges in archiving and preservation, including: format obsolescence, link rot, digital asset management, the expense of storing multiple copies of audio files, and the risks of relying on third-party hosting platforms. Securing funding through grants, ad sales and other means ensures that the time you put into the production supports your further endeavors.

Thinking Long-Term

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Preserve This Podcast! -- BelloCollective article about the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s podcast preservation grant announcement and why we should be thinking more now about preserving our podcasts for their scholarly and social value. Covers the specific risks podcasts face: format obsolescence, link rot, the complexity of managing digital assets, the expense of storing multiple copies of lossless audio files, and the dangers of relying on costly third-party hosting platforms.

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How to Get Podcast Sponsors: Pitching, Pricing and Ad Sales 101 -- Blog post from BelloCollective about how to pitch to and get sponsors for your podcast. Explains the common sponsorship pricing models from advertisers and which works best for different types of podcasts, depending on reach, audience, frequency etc.

McLoughlin, A. (2018, January 23). How to Get Podcast Sponsors. Bello Collective. Retrieved April 19, 2018, from

Podcast Accounting — How to do money for podcasters and indie creators -- Tracking expenses, tracking income, and getting paid! Receipt and documentation strategies for DIY-podcasters and DIY-accountants. Includes a sample podcast accounting spreadsheet free download!!

McLoughlin, A. (2017, July 07). Podcast Accounting. Bello Collective. Retrieved April 19, 2018, from

TPS Ep. 009 – Creative Commons and Podcast Production Resources -- Discussion about Creative Commons Licensing, what it is, why you want to use it as a podcaster, and how to use it effectively. Also talks about free resources to produce podcasts you can benefit from because of Creative Commons.


Ortega, R. (2009, June 24). TPS Ep. 009 – Creative Commons and Podcast Production Resources. The Podcasters Studio. [Audio blog post]. Retrieved April 19, 2018, from

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LibGuide created in conjunction with LIS 652-1: Information Services and Sources at the Pratt Institute School of Information, Spring 2018. 

Banner image via "Podcast Advertising on the Rise in Australia," Digital Market Asia, February 26, 2018.