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Podcasting for College Students: Getting & Staying Organized

A guide to resources, both online and in the NYC area, for creating and maintaining podcasts.

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Introduction—Getting and Staying Organized

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Getting and Staying Organized is key to establishing a workflow for yourself (and your team), managing goals, work styles and expectations to maximize your podcasts' potential. These are some resources on how to work with others, how to organize your files and use Audacity to the fullest.

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How to Use a File Tree to Organize Your Podcast Files!

Getting and Staying Organized

How to Organize audio/video podcast projects - Short blog post from The Audacity to Podcast, containing advice and tips for naming and organizing media files, primarily within the Audacity Editing program for multi-track projects. Encourages developing a consistent method of organization over any singularly perfect one.

Lewis, D. J. (2017, September 22). How to organize audio/video podcast projects – TAP090. Retrieved April 15, 2018, from

Why Meetings Will Save Your Friendships - An article from Bello Collective, a publication and newsletter about podcasts and the audio industry, about how to work with friends by structuring your time together to most effectively produce a project and meet the needs of your relationships. Includes tips on how to frame meetings, express expectations and follow up with one another constructively.

McLoughlin, A. (2017, November 10). How to Work With Your Friends. Bello Collective. Retrieved April 15, 2018, from

Organization, Task Management and Workflows for Creators - Another article from Bello Collective about using documentation, task management , communication, and time management to build a workflow for you and your collaborators making a podcast. Includes reviews of different productivity apps/software for individuals and team needs. Advocates documenting workflows and choosing tools that make collaboration easier, thereby helping you and your team do more and feel better doing it.

McLoughlin, A. (2017, October 17). Organization, Task Management and Workflows for Creators. Bello Collective. Retrieved April 15, 2018, from

Quick Tips: Podcast Workflow & Organization of Folders & Files - From, workflow/organization help for podcasts including folder structure, naming consistency, and creating accessibility shortcuts in Finder (Mac OSX). Includes a brief video tutorial.

Murphy, M. (2017, January 31). 112: Quick Tip: Podcast Workflow & Organization of Folders & Files [Blog post]. Retrieved April 15, 2018, from

Podcast File Organization: How to label and Organize Files (so you don’t lose them!) - Blog posted by Steve Stewart of The Audacity Workshop about developing a system for naming files and folder structure and arrangement, with a short video guide. Thoughtfully tailored to podcast production, and managing multiple projects on multiple timelines. Includes ideas for planning to archive completed audio files.

Stewart, S. (2017, May 17). Podcast File Organization: How to Label and Organize Files (so you don't lose them!). Retrieved April 15, 2018, from

LibGuide created in conjunction with LIS 652-1: Information Services and Sources at the Pratt Institute School of Information, Spring 2018. 

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