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Podcasting for College Students: Hosting & Distribution

A guide to resources, both online and in the NYC area, for creating and maintaining podcasts.

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How to get your podcast out there! Tips for hosting a podcast, different services available, and how to make sure that your project gets heard. 

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Hosting Services:

blubrry logo


Optimized for use with a WordPress plug-in, but can be a full hosting service. Provides Unlimited bandwidth, detailed statistics, and a good variety of packages, including the option to bundle with a WordPress page.

Price range: $12/month - $80/month

libsyn logo


One of the most popular services, it offers unlimited bandwidth, social media sharing options, and a large variety of packages, including ones that cater to mobile apps.

Price range: $5/month - $85/month

acast logo


A newer service that offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, along with user statistics. Has a specialized app for listening to podcasts.

Price range: Free, but requires that you split revenue from advertising with them

soundcloud logo


A simple hosting solution that allows you to directly upload your RSS feed to the hosting service. Allows for comments directly on the audio upload.

Price range: Free - $15/month

cast logo


Has a built in interview recording app and audio editor. Good for mobile podcasting without a lot of emphasis on editing. Offers analytics, cloud storage, and live show notes.

Price range: $10/month - $30/month

anchor logo


An app that allows you to make a podcast from your smartphone. It addresses a variety of hosting needs, and will even migrate an existing show over to their servers. Listeners can access the podcasts made here from wherever they get their podcasts.

Price range: Free

Hosting and Distribution

Podcasting Resources - A quick but comprehensive list of resources, with multiple aspects of podcasting being addressed. For hosting, there are lists and information regarding RSS feed validation, WordPress PlugIns, and podcast hosting service providers. All the lists contain links to the services mentioned.


Gavagan, M. (2017, February 10). Podcasting resources. Retrieved from

Lisbyn v Blubrry - A comparison article that discusses the various merits of Lisbyn and Blubrry, two extremely popular and well-established podcasting hosting services. Written in a straightforward, unbiased manner, this is a good overview that points out major things to consider when looking for a hosting service. Pricing models, storage allowances (including discussions on how much space you can expect to need based on your podcast output), statistics, and ease of publishing are all talked about in depth.


McLean, M. (2017, May 9). Lisbyn vs Blubrry: Where should I host my podcast?. Retrieved from

The Ultimate Podcast Resource List: Part 2 - This is a quick and easy to navigate guide containing recommendations from professional podcasters. The section on hosting a podcast contains information on both website hosting services and podcast hosting services, as well as links to more information on how to use the resources being recommended.


The Podcast Host ltd. (2017) The ultimate podcasting resource list: Part 2: Web & media hosting. Retrieved from

Podcasting Basics, Part 4: Hosting & Distribution - Transom is an excellent podcasting resource, particularly for beginners, and their overview of hosting and distribution gives the reader a lot of technical information not available in other guides. A history of RSS and XML in podcast distribution is given, as well as example code for broadcasting, including the tags necessary for making your podcast compatible with iTunes. There is also information on how to update these feeds, and how to validate them to ensure that the feeds don’t break after the update. The concerns that come with hosting files on an external service are discussed generally enough to applicable to multiple resources, and suggestions for hosting the file are given in a clear, easy to follow way. There is also an overview of audio storage sites as well as hosting services, with concise summaries of what each service offers.


Towne, J. (2016, January 5). Podcasting basics, part 4: hosting & distribution. Retrieved from

So you wanna start a podcast? -

This is an intensive, in-depth post from noted podcaster, Zach Valenti, with information ranging from equipment recommendations to branding ideas. The section on hosting services is informative, to the point, and simplified for those just getting into podcasting. There is information on cost and features of different services, as well as commentary on what Valenti uses for his own podcasts. He gives the reader a focused overview of Omny Studio’s offerings, as well as how this service compares to other options, including some free ones.


Valenti, Z. (2017, July 25). So you wanna start a podcast? [Blog post]. Retrieved from



LibGuide created in conjunction with LIS 652-1: Information Services and Sources at the Pratt Institute School of Information, Spring 2018. 

Banner image via "Podcast Advertising on the Rise in Australia," Digital Market Asia, February 26, 2018.