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Podcasting for College Students: Recording & Editing

A guide to resources, both online and in the NYC area, for creating and maintaining podcasts.

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A collection of resources that discuss recording and editing software, audio equipment, and how to end up with a high quality podcast. 

Image: “MIC” by Stanislav Levin, RU, from the Noun Project

Recording and Editing

QUIZ: Do you have the ears of an audio producer? - A fun quiz that comes with a guide to common audio problems, from the audio engineers at NPR. The quiz has 6 questions that require the listener to hear 3 recordings and identify which one has an audio error. This is a way to learn how to listen to audio recordings with real world examples.

Byers, R. (2017, January 30).  QUIZ: Do you have the ears of an audio producer. Retrieved from

Audio production FAQ: Headphones, levels, mics and more - An extensive guide to audio production from NPR, this guide includes information from professionals on what equipment works best for podcasts. This article is arranged in a question and answer style, with questions from readers being answered by people on the NPR audio team. The answers are to the point and easy to understand, without being uninformative. Information ranges from how to choose the best headphones, how to control levels, how to prevent excess background noise, and which mic is best. There are also quite a few links to more relevant information when appropriate.

Byers, R. (2017, May 19). Audio production FAQ: Headphones, levels, mics and more. Retrieved from

The Sound of Adventure: A Guide to Soundscaping - An easy to read article that breaks down the components that go into sound design, with examples from notable podcasts. The article is jargon heavy but every term is explained in an easy to understand way, followed by tips on how to integrate the concept into a podcast’s soundscape. Terms and tools are hyperlinked to correlating definitions or websites

Grugle, B. (2017, September 20). The sound of adventure: A guide to soundscaping [Blog post]. Retrieved from

The Importance of Audio Quality to your Podcast - An article explaining how audio quality can greatly affect the overall success of a podcast. There is further discussion on how to achieve a high quality recording even within a budget, and the importance of editing to achieve quality sound.

Kontis, A. (2017, March 15). The importance of audio quality to your podcast. Retrieved from

The Ultimate Podcast Resource List: Part 1 - An easy to use guide containing recommendations from professional podcasters. The section on podcasting equipment contains information on microphones and mixers at various price points, including information on digital recording and microphone accessories.

The Podcast Host ltd. (2017) The ultimate podcasting resource list: Part 1. Retrieved from

The Ultimate Podcast Resource List: Part 3 & 4 - This is a quick and easy to navigate guide containing recommendations from professional podcasters. The sections on software and music contain information on both free and paid recording and sound services, as well as links to more information on how to use these resources.

The Podcast Host ltd. (2017) The ultimate podcasting resource list: Parts 3 and 4. Retrieved from

HOW TO START YOUR OWN PODCAST GUIDE 2018 - A comprehensive guide to starting a podcast that includes advice on what to do before getting started, including how to set goals and the logistics of getting started. The guide includes microphone recommendations, as well as recording and editing software ideas. There is also a relatively in depth guide to the producing process, including scripting, recording, and editing.

Spencer, J. ( 2017, October 27). How to start your own podcast guide 2018 [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Recording Live Events - Transom is a wonderful resource for beginner podcasters, and this guide covers all the issues that can come up with live recording, and how to handle them. The article includes a guide to microphones for live events, including and explanation of why certain types of mics work better, filter and stand recommendations, and discussions about recording outside and recording an audience. The guide is extremely in-depth, covers a wide range of equipment and scenarios, and comes with a good number of recommendations at multiple price points.

Towne, J. (2016, August 2016). Recording live events. Retrieved from

Podcasting Basics, Part 3: Audio Levels and Processing - Another Transom article, this is a good foundation for understanding everything that goes into the audio production of a podcast. This guide provides tips for identifying issues with the recording, how to mitigate these problems, and an introduction to all of the technical vocabulary that comes with audio engineering. Different types of software are recommended and explained, and sound samples are included to demonstrate different types of audio edits. There is also an explanation of how to format and save your audio files with specific settings.

Towne, J. (2015, August 13). Podcasting basics, part 3: Audio levels and processing. Retrieved from

TOOLS In-depth reviews of digital recorders, microphones, editing software and more - An extensive list of reviews for different audio tools from Transom. This is a list of different tools used for audio editing, with links to reviews by Transom writers. There is the option to filter by categories and tags, as well as sorting oldest, newest, and trending. The reviews can be for audio recording equipment, software, as well as articles on how to handle common recording issues. A good resource for both people looking to solve a specific problem or those looking to browse through audio articles.

Transom. TOOLS: in-depth reviews of digital recorders, microphones, editing software and more. Retrieved from

LibGuide created in conjunction with LIS 652-1: Information Services and Sources at the Pratt Institute School of Information, Spring 2018. 

Banner image via "Podcast Advertising on the Rise in Australia," Digital Market Asia, February 26, 2018.