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Resources in NYC for Pratt LIS graduate students: Museums

This is a guide intended to provide library students the resources to help them experience the different opportunities that New York City has to offer.

Museum Discounts

Because financial considerations are important for students, it is useful to consider the most cost effective way to visit museums. 


Online Databases/Resources

Search through the following databases to learn more about museum collections and other interesting information. Learning through easily accessible online materials is a great way to get acquainted with New York's past and present through historical materials, or for research. It is a good educational aid for students new to NYC. 

Plan Your Visit

Visiting museums is a great way for students to familiarize themselves with the vast amount of knowledge NYC has to offer. It could especially interest LIS students who are interested in working with special collections in museums or in a related context. Although "Museum Information" is not a full list of museums in NYC, the sources were selected based on applicability for students, location, and affordability. You can use this information to help plan a visit or attend an event. The description underneath each of the links is reflective of the information found in the museum's website. The  information in the other sections was similarly chosen for its applicability in helping LIS students take advantage of the resources found in local museums. 

Museum Information

Getting Experience - Internship Opportunities

For MSLIS students interested in a career working in museums, internships are a valuable way to gain experience and entry into the field. The information here gathers some unpaid and paid opportunities in museums that graduate students can utilize to gain experience in their field of choice. Because many of the opportunities are offered by semester basis, it is highly recommended to check application deadlines and the details specific for any position. Hover over the links for notes on the museum opportunities. 

Visit Suggestions

There are many museums in NYC and due to limited time in a student's schedule, students have to decide which museums to visit that will cater to their own interests. The online resources, from articles and websites, are gathered here to make suggestions in planning.

Books About Museums for Pratt Students

This is a small selection of books about museums in the NYC area that are relevant for MSLIS students and can be found in the Pratt library catalog. More book resources for Pratt students can be found here by searching through the Pratt Institute Libraries Catalog.