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Live From New York: It's a LibGuide!

This guide provides related resources about films with New York City as its backdrop and helpful information about obtaining the proper information about NYC's film industry.

Filming Resources

Depending on the type of film you are creating, having New York City as a location backdrop can take a lot of work to prepare beforehand. This section will provide information on a variety of resources to help you get started on your future film. 

NYC Media and Entertainment logoNew York City’s Media and Entertainment

New York City’s Media and Entertainment offers information to those who are seeking information about the logistics of film making in the city, including city permits, what is currently filming, and further resources.

Helpful links for students: 


Filming Now in New York City

  • A list of what is currently being filmed in NYC.

Steps to Get a Permit to Film in NYC

  • General guide about how to obtain proper permits to film in NYC.

Permits for Students

  • FAQ for students, including rules and regulations about what is and is not allowed.

When a Permit is Required

  • Information about when it is required to have a permit to shoot in the city.

Location Library

  • City-owned locations that are available with no fee.


MTA LogoMetropolitan Transportation Authority


MTA Filming Properties 

  • Films that are taking place on the subway must get permission from the MTA. The website linked above discusses the legacy of films associated with the MTA, who to contact about their policies, and information to know about filming with MTA. 


NYC Parks LogoNYC Parks


Guidelines For Film and Photography Shoots

  • NYC Parks has guidelines that people must follow to shoot in NYC parks. To film in NYC park, you must fill out an online form that is listed in the link above. 



I Am Legend Scene

Will Smith walking around Washington Square Park in the film I Am Legend (2007).