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20/SP-INFO-619-01: Mental Health

In this time of uncertainty, social isolation, loss, and material insecurity, mental health may be a critical struggle for many people. 

This is a growing list of resources and additional efforts available for coping with stress and maintaining mental health amidst the global event that abounds. Many of these are nationwide services, while some are regionally-specific to New York City. 

"As we tackle the threat of Covid-19 and other stressful world events, self-care, caring for each other, and fostering a calm approach is especially important." (Mount Sinai)


Resources to help those looking for virtual therapy appointments with licensed therapists, psychologists, social workers, and other medical specialists.

Mental Health Hotline Services

Connecting as Part of a Community

General Wellness

Coping with Anxiety/Stress

Coping with Loss

Addressing Loneliness


Why journal? Researchers have found that doing so can have a positive effect on your mental health.