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Craftivism: Embroidery

Embroidery as Activism

Embroidery's history as a form of activism and self expression has been seen in many cultures around the world, including India, England and Middle Eastern societies.  Closely tied with feminism and women's right, embroidery has been a way to record female lives, histories and beliefs. 

Below is a first step into the history and impact of embroidery in activism and although not complete, this guide is meant to help facilitate research into the subject.

Resources for Embroidery

Resources for finding embroidery-based protest and activism groups.  Most embroidery groups meet online and are not restricted by location.  Please note, this is a limited list.


Embroidery in Protest

Journalist Aysha Mahmood discusses the power she found in feminism and embroidery in her TedTalkx.  This talk exemplifies how embroidery has grown out of a place of expectation and traditional feminist ideals into a way for women to express themselves.   If you are interested in looking at Mahmood's work you can find it here.

Early Evidence of Embroidery Activism in History

Contemporary Embroidery

Embroidery Artists and Activists