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After Evangelicalism: A Guide for LGBT People: Healthcare


In this section, are three organizations that can be good places to start when looking for proper healthcare resources. These organizations are specifically catered toward helping LGBT people, and so they are good places to start to speak to professionals that give you further medical referrals. 

Seeking professional help for mental and/or physical health issues can be an important step to in establishing a life after leaving an evangelical community. Even if you've decided to leave, you may want professional help to work through trauma and toxic ideas about your own gender and/or sexuality, or maybe you need medical assistance for transitioning. These organizations can help connect you to medical professionals that will be sensitive your gender and/or sexuality, and these organizations have experience in working with people who have come from harmful and toxic environments.

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center








Callen-Lorde focuses on LGBT healthcare, conducts research, and provides care that is judgment-free, regardless of ability to pay. They are well-known for their transgender healthcare services, but provide a wide-range of healthcare options for all. Services include:

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center





The LGBT Center is a community center that aims to empower LGBT people, and provide resources for their well-being and success. They provide assistance for legal matters, healthcare, substance use, community-work, employment, and accommodation. Services include:

New Alternatives for Homeless LGBT Youth

New Alternatives provides resources and assistance to homeless LGBT youth. They have case management resources that can help direct you to proper mental health, housing, education, and employment resources.