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Documentary: A Beginner's LibGuide: Proposing Documentary Ideas

This is a LibGuide that will provide various information on all things concerning Documentary.

Researching and Writing a Documentary Proposal

Organizing Your Idea

Phase I

  • Log Line: one sentence summary of your documentary idea
  • Story Synopsis: one paragraph summary of your documentary idea
  • Story One Sheet: summary of your documentary idea and other significant details (i.e. estimated budget)
  • Story Treatment: detailed description of all aspects of your documentary idea (similar to action outline)

Phase II

  • More Details and a Segment Rundown or Shooting Script

Phase III

  • Ongoing Updates and Segment Revisions

Source: Eckhardt, 2012. -Chapter 4

Documentary Proposal: Treatment


Created December 2018 by Melissa, Ann, and Alex. Pratt Institute.