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Documentary: A Beginner's LibGuide: Documentary Equipment

This is a LibGuide that will provide various information on all things concerning Documentary.

General Documentary Production Suggestions

How to Make a Documentary: provides basic information on the essential equipment necessary to make a documentary, as well as ten steps on how to make a documentary.

Video Production Equipment: includes a package and gear list for creating documentary films.

Shooting Solo: A Low Budget Filmmaker's Equipment List: lists equipment necessary for creating a documentary, but at a more affordable price range.

What's the Best Gear for Making Your Documentary?: a panel of gear experts discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the industry's most popular documentary equipment. 

The Complete Documentary Filmmaking Equipment List: supplies a number of items that are ideal for a documentary film-maker to have, though not all are necessary.


Created December 2018 by Melissa, Ann, and Alex. Pratt Institute.