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Documentary: A Beginner's LibGuide: About

This is a LibGuide that will provide various information on all things concerning Documentary.

About this project

Our target audience of this LibGuide is anyone who is interested in documentary film, and more so people who want to pursue a career in the documentary filmmaking industry. For this reason, our LibGuide functions as a starting off point for beginners just delving into the documentary film world.

This assignment was for Info 652: Reference & Instruction. For this project, we were required to create a LibGuide on a topic of our group's choice. Specifically, our LibGuide needed to include:

  • An annotated bibliography
  • Narrative content
  • Two videos (that we created ourselves, one of which must be instructional)
  • Implement our learnings from the course
  • Research from primary/secondary/etc. sources
  • APA styled bibliography
  • Attributions to sources

The assignment's goals were to:

  • Create and edit an online guide to resources using the LibGuides software.
  • Identify a range of relevant and useful print and electronic resources for a defined user community using the resources of the Pratt Institute Libraries’ and the New York Public Library’s research collections.
  • Identify gaps or lacks in the bibliographic universe that might be filled by a librarian and members of a user community working together.
  • Articulate a scope note for a curated collection.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of the role of the reference librarians as content creators.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively with peers to accomplish work goals. 

ACLR Framework

For this project, we are required to discuss our LibGuide in terms of the threshold concepts and dispositions that are part of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework. Within the ACRL Framework there are six core or 'threshold' concepts that help in the understanding of information literacy. These concepts are as follows: Authority is constructed and contextual; Information creation as a process; Information has value; Research as inquiry; Scholarship as conversation; and Searching as strategic exploration. There is also 'dispositions' within the Framework, which "describe ways in which to address the affective, attitudinal, or valuing dimension of learning". 


For further information on the ACRL Framwork:

Introducing the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education


As part of our MLIS degree at Pratt, we are required to submit a Portfolio that demonstrates our knowledge within five student learning outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs are as follows: research, communication, technology, user-centered focus, and reflective practice. This LibGuide project can be used to fulfill one or more of those listed SLOs.


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Annotated Bibliography

Our Annotated Bibliography can be found under our page titled 'Sources for Documentary Information'.


Pictures used throughout this LibGuide were found on Google's 'labeled for reuse'.* To find the specific source, click on the picture, and it will bring you to the source website.

*The only exception are the documentary film/docuseries movie posters; but, their specific source is still linked through the picture.

Thank you for visiting our LibGuide on everything Documentary Film. We hope you found it informative and a useful introduction to the film genre!

Created December 2018 by Melissa, Ann, and Alex. Pratt Institute.