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Resources for DACA Recipients in New York City: Mindfulness

Resources for DACA recipients and DREAMers


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DACA is still in effect. 

You can still renew, but Covid-19 has halted some processes. Find out more below: 



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Emilee Buytkins
School of Information, Pratt Institute
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Heidi Klise
School of Information, Pratt Institute
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New York, NY 10011

Take the time for self care 



We know that waiting to hear about the status of DACA can be taxing. The strain can weight heavily on your emotional and mental health, even if you're not aware of it. Prince William and Duchess Catherine's organization, Every Mind Matters, advocates for more awareness of mental health and wellbeing. These tips for maintaining healthy wellbeing were released in response to the Coronavirus crisis, but the advice is useful outside of pandemics, too. 

  1. Think about your daily routine & set yourself goals - even small ones can help give you structure & a sense of achievement
  2. Look after your body; try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water & exercise regularly
  3. Do things you enjoy or try learning something new - there are lots of things you can still do from home
  4. Stay connected with friends and family via telephone & video calls, or social media
  5. Talk about your worries with someone you trust, or try a helpline
  6. Acknowledge difficult feelings and try & manage unhelpful thoughts with evidence-based techniques
  7. Try and find time to relax, & try simple relaxation techniques
  8. Keep your mind active. Read, write, play games, puzzles, drawing, cooking & painting

"For many, the realities of the undocumented experience in America today rival the stressors that brought them here in the first place."

-Jose Antonio Vargas, article: If You're Undocumented in Trump's America, Mental Health Matters



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